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Retail Shops


Paint is a vital ingredient in presenting your retail store in the best possible light for your customers.

A fresh coat of paint creates a feeling of freshness and brightness that puts customers in a better frame of mind and feel more attracted to your business, paint schemes that project your brand and entice your customers

Your retail store needs a professional paint job that is going to project your image and brand in the best possible light.

We have the expertise and professionalism to help you to make your retail space look absolutely amazing.



Austral Coatings is highly experienced in all aspects of shop fit-outs.

By liaising directly with the builder or architect, we deliver seamless service that is prompt and professional, ensuring your premises is open for business on time.  We can even provide you with a nightshift team that is able to respond to urgent time frames.


In the case of repair or restoration work, we provide multiple colour palettes to assist in matching colours and our personal colour consultants are on hand for your specific needs.


We are proud of the strong business relationships we have built with several leading commercial companies



Services include: 


  • Full exterior & interior painting including; Timber varnishing, Steel coatings, block and cement board, textured finishes, also see our page on residential and interior decorating for more details on finishes available. 



  • Epoxy resin and paint floor coatings with decorative finishes such as Metallic, high gloss, imitation marble, flakes and artistic art works or stenciling, as well as Anti-Slip resin options. 



  • Repairing and replacing siding, including woodwork, metalwork, stucco, as well as interior drywall, plaster and timber. 




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