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About us


Austral Co Pty Ltd T/As Austral Coatings Painting Services has been established to service a much needed market within the construction industry. Our company offers a wide variety of painting services to meet the largest or smallest of projects in a professional, safe and cost-effective manner saving you precious time and money on your next project. 

Our customers have distinguished us for providing professionalism, quality craftsmanship, comprehensive management and personalised service. 

Austral Coatings is locally owned and operated offering full service attention to most states of Australia for painting, staining, interior and exterior, traditional and artistic, repairs, maintenance, residential and commercial.  Our head office is located in Goulburn NSW but we also have an office in Brisbane QLD.


We employ quality individuals who exemplify impeccability in their well-being, teamwork and profession. Our attention to a positive work culture supports employee engagement, keeps the spirit of the work alive and assures quality of service and product.


In addition, our employee certification program guarantees staff professionalism, conscientiousness and genuine service.


By valuing and inspiring every customer, protecting and beautifying homes, balancing both process and product, and being socially responsible, we intend to be ambassadors of service and integrity in all we do.

Austral Coatings Pty Ltd are also recommended by major paint manufacturers and associated memberships and links as a source of independent reports for technical consultancy










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