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Commercial Services

Austral Coatings are uniquely suited to provide top-quality painting services for any size commercial premises.  Our skilled qualified painters and job site supervisors follow scheduling and painting protocols that properly manage every aspect of your commercial painting project.  We service many new commercial properties and also refurbish, repaint and restore existing commercial properties to your specifications with our professional and dedicated painting teams.




Austral commercial painting teams are a trustworthy team of qualified painters, ready to revamp your commercial area.  We acquire many commercial painting projects from storefronts, businesses, offices and apartment complexes all the way to factories, retail stores and warehouses.  We comprehend that you need to balance quality, time, and price. That’s why we are the perfect choice for your next commercial painting project.


Our highly skilled team of painters will be available upon your request, working efficiently and competently without any distractions.  We also offer night teams which allow minimal distraction to your day time business.


By modernising and revitalising your commercial premises, you boost your reputation and appearance to the public.  We take time to prepare and present suggestions on how to promote and improve your area with our highly talented and inspiring decorators and colour experts.  Preparation plays a pivotal role in commercial projects in order to revamp any steel work and other components and we always follow the relevant safety procedures in order to paint and restore without any harm to us, you or the building.

    Our services


  • Full exterior & interior painting includingWood, Stucco, aluminum, timber staining, steel coatings, block and cement board


  • Painting vertical structures and handling difficult-access projects


  • Application of high-durability coatings for floors using Epoxy resin and paint for high-wear areas that requiring long-term painting solutions, including Anti-Slip applications


  • Repairing and replacing siding, including woodwork, metalwork, stucco, as well as interior drywall, plaster and wood



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